We are 5 people on the team. And I am the only one who came to the office today. Love is definitely in the air.

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    People are skipping work for an arbitrary holiday designed to make you spend money on overpriced bullshit you could get much cheaper literally any other day of the year? That seems so dumb. Also what kind of valentines plans cause you to have to miss the entire day of work?
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    Rub your genitalia at their workspace :3
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    We are 4 people at office and rarely come to it because we tend to work remotely and everyone is fine at that as the jobs still get done
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    You are the 5th wheel
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    2,5 out of 7 man team here. The half is a guy that left after half a day saying he didn't sleep well last night. Horrible excuse, but bosses aren't here so we don't care
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    They raptured, sorry mate!
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