The most scary thing happens to me is that I wrote a code in staging without any bugs and breaks in production... fuck

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    No matter how good your staging or dev setup is, there are always some way they differ and some day it will bite you (if there was no difference the consequences of a bug in staging would be as bad as in production :/)

    You can only try to make those days as far apart as possible and fix the problems as fast as possible when it happens.
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    @Voxera alright... thanks for tip... don't assume that everything will be okay haha.
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    If you can manage it, you should have a QA environment that duplicates Prod. While that won't eliminate bugs getting to Prod 100%, it greatly reduces the chance. That and having QA testers that really, really want to break your code.
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    @iAmNaN just wanted to throw this out there if it's web app or API related, Google cloud platform has a way to ease a small amount of clients to your staging server and report bugs and if it breaks it will automatically forward users to the current stable non staging application.
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