Before an interview prepare a list of questions for them, they expect it!
My list to give inspiration:

Describe your company culture? - if the response is buzzword heavy, avoid.

What’s the oldest technology still in use? - all companies have legacy systems but some are worse than others

Describe your agile process? - a few companies I’ve interviewed with said they are agile but it’s actually kanban

Are developers involved with customers?- if they trust you to talk to customers you can infer trust to do your job ( I’m sure others will disagree)

Describe your development environment?- do they have such a thing as dev, test and prod?

These are the only ones I can remember but should give others a bit of inspiration I hope πŸ˜„

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    Excellent questions. People should copy these out and save them.
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    Pinned, probably gonna update hows my result. My interview at march 4th.
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    I agree with all except the agile one, Kanban is an agile software development methodology just like Scrum, you can be either and still day you develop against an agile methodology
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    My personal favorite would be... What's your test coverage.
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    @BashouT true but often companies pick the best bits for them from any number of agile methodologies to suit their working environment. Which is really what I want to know, just saying agile doesn’t really tell me much ☺️
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    What is so cool about Agile? The worst company, I worked for, tried to implement Scrum by the book.
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    @matste I think that’s often why different styles get a bad wrap, absolute by the book rarely works in my experience. which is why most companies I’ve seen doing anything agile just pick the bits that actually help them, hence why I ask this question, you do usually get some interesting answers which you can question further.
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