So i were hired as a robotics developer.. blue prism, UI path and autoit. Now they want me to do backend stuff in JavaScript/node instead.. problem is, haven't ever written a single line of js. I know c# tho. How should I tackle this to get up in speed with js quickly? Any suggestions of where and how to start learning it in the most efficient way?

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    Autoit? Fuck...
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    If you know C# you'll manage. You might want to start here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US.... MDN is the MSDN of JS and other web technologies, this is where you'll look up keywords, built in types, syntax, all of the good stuff. There are links to tutorials on the page I linked to.

    Don't bother with TypeScript or Flow right now, it's not relevant where you're at. They are only a superset of JS anyways.

    Lycka till!
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    Oh, but start with this video, it'll show you the worst parts of JS and it's hilarious.


    edit: linked the wrong thing
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    I now wonder why your profile says HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScriptšŸ§
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    @dennie170 so do I actually, that profile must be years old.. I started learning it waaay back but I got more excited by c#. Thanks for noticing tho :)
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    @ihatecomputers I'll check those out first thing tomorrow, hopefully I'll manage to pull this off after that crap move they pulled on me :D

    Tack så mycket!
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    AutoIt, heard that name after years. I found a malware written in AutoIt once.
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