I recently joined a project team in my company whose client is a BIG (and I mean BIG) tech company.

We offer marketing solutions to the client. This means we create websites that showcase the company and all the good stuff that they do.

When I was going through my ramp-up meetings, my lead gave me some dummy projects to build just to get an idea of where I stood as a web developer.

So, it was one of those Photoshop mockups that were to be made entirely using vanilla JS, CSS3, HTML5 and nothing else.

There came many points where I had to align items either horizontally or vertically. So, I used flexbox to do it.

I submitted my code to the lead and while going through it, he commented, "Why do you use flexbox? It is no good. Use float instead." And I looked at him in utter confusion.

Tell me, is it wrong to use flexbox? Should I have used float instead?

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