What Database client do you use? I'm currently using Sequel Pro. Right now I'm comparing TablePlus and DataGrip.

DataGrip - not user friendly and complicated to use but powerful

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    I use DataGrip most of the time and love it. Besides DataGrip I use MS SQL Management Studio, HeidiSQL, DBeaver and PL/SQL Developer (depends on the projects and environments).
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    use strict;
    use DBI;
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    Another Sequel Pro user here.
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    @thoxx the data grip gui is not hat friendly but I like it too. The best auto complete so far and it has a database visualization tool.

    Also they call "database" as "schemas". I was confused at first. I didn't know how to create a database in the left sidebar lol 😂 it was create schema 😂
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    - dbeaver
    - datagrip [as a plugin for intellij?]
    - JdbcUtil [https://github.com/netikras/...]
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