Dropped out to grow a business I co-founded. Respect to all those that finished. I was already working a six figure salary as a software engineer before I even started at a university. I decided to attend though to have a more complete resume. One day a professor explained that we could look forward to doing really "advanced concepts" like web services OUR SENIOR YEAR. That was already daily life for me. Our business was starting to grow quickly and it needed more and more of my time. I chose the business and for me, that was the correct choice.

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    Mad respects! That's completely awesome, and lame on the school's part
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    Thanks, @epse.
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    @Nanos he moved in down the street. His wife and my wife actually met first and hung out all the time.
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    What did you Build? Sounds pretty cool!
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    @duckWit please let us know more! I’m on my way to university, and working on the initial phase of a startup. Been working as a developer without any education for a few years. I’m literally following your footsteps, just hoping it’ll end as well. Would love to hear more though, how are you doing now?
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    @PoliteRanter69 the business is doing very well. It has been crazy difficult. The level of hustle and difficulty has been unreal. Saying that doesn't even remotely do it justice. We're 7+ years in. I quit my previous job and started focusing on it full time about 4 years ago.
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