So we have this one dude in our team. Mid level engineer. 7 months old in the company. Arguing with everyone. Doesn't listen to the leads. Wants to do stuff in his own way. Complains about everything. First I thought he knows he stuff. But the. I realized he just wants to disagree with everything. Also thinks that all the work he did in his last job is superior. But most of the things are not following standards. Looks like he is just full of himself. How to deal with a person like that? Will he get fired eventually?

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    We had a guy like this in my first job. I was just an intern and already knew he didn't know anything of what he was saying.
    At the beginning they wanted us two to work together, he took all the credit for my work, and didn't do anything at all, he was reading manga, newspapers and ebooks all day.
    A year later, he got promoted twice, he got every possible bonus from the company, the managers loved him.
    In two years time, one by one started getting sick of him and started quitting, even our team leader with 15+ years in the company because we all realized how inept were these managers.
    Right after that, when there was only him to maintain the apps, they finally realized how useless he was, but guess what, he had already found a better job somewhere else, probably to stay there for a couple years telling the same lies that kept him in the company.
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    @jjimenez they get hired somehow
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    @rutee07 Management has their eye on him. I think he is on thin ice now.
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    @KAS89 give us updates ok? 😃
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    @Devnergy sure. 😁
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    Good news: he will leave himself. Every complainer eventually do. He already considers you and your managers a bunch of morons. It’s extra hard to change this attitude and there’s nothing to gain by even trying.

    To make him decide faster, make him follow a standard which he despises. Something completely non consequential like tabs vs spaces.
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    @matste ya we will have to give him tough code reviews.
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