Ive been looking at starting a degree through the Open University for a while, but the prices of the courses are pretty steep (cheaper than a conventional uni) when I've got a kid on the way in a couple of months, and not wanting to take out loans etc.

The other half mentioned that some of her colleagues had paid for their uni courses with help from the Army (she is a paramedic).

I looked into it, and despite leaving the Army in 2014 I am still entitled to two claims 80% of a course upto £2000

That coupled with an unexpected bonus means I should be able to partially fund the first 2 years of the course.

I need to phone the OU to discuss how to apply etc, but I'm feeling pretty good.

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    There are many ways to learn that are affordable, unless you specifically need a qualification (there are many reasons why you would), I wouldn’t bother fucking about with a degree, especially if you are of mature student age. Just a thought.
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    @helloworld true, I don't necessarily need a degree, but it was thing that I lack when compared to other candidates when going for new positions.

    Mainly it is for personal development, I was a bit of a dick when I was younger and wasted the advantages I had then, so I want to make up for it now.
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