Why do so many people use macs for developing?
I really don't get it.

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    For me it's really because of the terminal. I like Unix systems and everything, but Macs feel like a smoother user experience than say Ubuntu. The Windows command prompt is garbage. The Bash in Windows enhancement that's WIP certainly helps, but until it's complete I'm going no where near developing full time on Windows.
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    You are required to use a Mac if you want to develop iOS / MacOS apps...
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    From my experience, the amount of hoops you need to jump through on windows is infuriating. For the most part, getting environments set up on Mac is a billion times easier than it is on Windows.

    People who hate OSX or think it's not suitable for development have literally no idea what they're talking about / have never used it.
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    It depends on what you prefer ánd what you want to do. I prefer *nix systems, my (CLI) tools are all *nix based, and the stuff I create will eventually be deployed on a *nix systems.

    In my opinion, if you develop for Windows, use Windows, if you develop for iDevices, use MacOS, if you develop for *nix, use a *nix based OS.

    In my experience, you'll be swimming upstream if you choose otherwise.
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    I really start to understand, why I need a totally different environment to code thanost of you do.
    Most of the languages I need to use a graphic based. Everything is running on a so called real-time operating system.
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    Windows - LOL
    Ubuntu - I'd love to use it instead of macOS, but I prefer to spend my time actually building software instead of hunting down driver issues and weird dependency issues.
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    Its slick, not winblows and doesn't feel plastic and brittle. The keybarf is shit though. Takes 10 keys todo something that are 2 key stroke on a PC.
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    @monolithicblob That's... uh... not very descriptive.
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    @kevbost so what is it?
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    @monolithicblob I don't know, I didn't write your comment.
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    @kevbost thats not very descriptive.
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    You should use the right tools for the job you are doing. That's really all there is to it!
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    what mac or people?
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    I have a PC, mostly for gaming, and a MBP. macOS is much better cause it's *NIX based but has the feels of a high-class OS. No worries, just boot it up, install homebrew and your environment is ready in a breeze. The Shell is one of my biggest advantages. The battery time with ~10-12h is a plus too! Windows is getting better, but no alternative for me. Coding PHP mostly btw.
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    The ux for osx is really nice, combine that with *nix, and it's an amazing experience. The only time it's a worth touching windows is if you need .net, and even then there are technically "solutions."
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    in case your development environment is kind of exotic then you are more or less on your own on Mac and windows. Linux/ ubuntu are the best even if you doing rocket science, great community and dev support.

    btw I am using a mbp because my company paid for it. 😅
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    I use my MacBook only to develop for iOS, for little travels (and I have a Debian VM) and to permit my nephew to play Minecraft, so I don't understand people who develops on Mac and don't target it iDevices neither
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    @edisonn the trackpad is not just good, its amazing!
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    I've always wondered why. I use Linux in my laptop and i find it so much better, cheaper, and the people who made the OS don't want to mess around with the jack.
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