So, I need to customize some shit for my company's app...

Just discovered they somehow manage to call a protected method on an object stored in a field... I can't even... How does that even compile? And also, things neccessary for my subclass are private with no getter...

private static final int ZERO = 0;
private static final int ONE = 1;
private static final int TWO = 2;

What. The. Hell. Why?

Damn Java. Though this is the programmer's fault, it does seem to favor this kind of shit.

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    Hehe - the funky things you can do with reflections!

    Definitely won’t recommend for a something which requires maintenance
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    @rusty-hacker Point is: They DO NOT USE REFLECTION... Who knows what magic they used, source clearly shows them calling the protected method from outside directly.

    Looks like I'll have to use reflection, though...

    It's a Gradle dependency (AndroidPlot), so that might somehow play a role in it...
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