Another rant got me thinking about this.

There must be plenty of us on here who have worked as part of or with a customer support department at some point in our careers.

What is the stupidest idea you've ever heard with regards to support?

To start things off my last place had problems with support, over worked, under staffed and expected to support 12+ versions of the same software, some clients were running installations over 15 years old without ever having applied an upgrade.

The management decided that they would get rid of the conventional triage system for tickets, you know the sort priority 1 would be system down etc.

Instead we had to log tickets at whatever priority the client said it was. Customer report written by the client has a spelling mistake? Yep that's a P1.

Client wants to change the colour of their menu? Yep P1

As you can imagine that went down like a shit sandwich

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    There is a huge servers' estate. Cloud platform folks did some changes and installed a corrupt driver overwriting MBR [go figure!]. This used to happen a few times a week. We were told to recover those boxes as soon as we get an alert and confirm it is valid.

    There were ~20 servers with that faulty driver.

    A few weeks later another 200 got rolled out.

    A recovery takes ~1 hour per server. We were 7 sysopses. Looking after an estate of ~30k servers.
    Needless to say the 'recover immediately' and 'lets roll out another 200' weren't the smartest things to do.... Dark times it was. Very dark.

    Support tickets were forgotten and the whole estate was falling apart while we were... Rebuilding...
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