For my BS, I paid people $70-90 to write essays for GE classes..

Is this wrong of me? Should I have written that paper about earthquakes myself?

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    Only if earthquakes were a big part of your life since.
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    i'd kinda say yes, u should have.

    1. it might have helped you better yourself at writing.
    2. it would have saved u 70-90 FREAKING DOLLARS 😦😦
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    Yes. Who cares about the earthquakes. It's about learning how to write properly, and articulate your thoughts and ideas clearly and convincingly.
    Definitely a missed opportunity, but you can always make up for it now. Just write them for yourself.
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    When you say, "my BS"...

    Are you talking about a degree, or...?
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    Cheating is nothing to brag about. If the wrong person finds out, this can have bad consequences.
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