This happened last November. I was on my merry way, not using Windows on my laptop. When suddenly a friend asks me to do some heavy video editing work.
And none of the softwares on Linux are as good as Premiere Pro, After Effects etc
Davinci Resolve on Linux has codec issues and is a pain to deal with

Anyway, I boot up windows and somehow it updates itself (I distinctly remember disabling the update service permanently).
So now, it bugs me every fucking minute to reboot.
Luckily I decide to finish my project before rebooting.
Coz as soon as I reboot, it throws me an error saying something like my license key couldn't be verified. One key recovery doesn't help
I have a OEM licensed Windows 10 Home that came with the laptop.

The solutions are to either recover windows, which needs a fucking 11GB download or reinstall Windows (but hey... Lenovo didn't give me a Windows License key. And I have a lot of pre setup folders on the windows drive linked to my Linux, making it a bad choice to wipe that drive). To put the cherry on the top, I have to download a software that Lenovo provides (Windows only) to download that 11GB iso.
Every sane person around me uses Linux (I only used Windows for Video Editing)
Also, living in India, 11GB is a fucking big size to download.... And the software doesn't support interrupted downloads
One more pain in the ass....
So, fuck you Windows. Fuck you Lenovo.

Living happily with elementary OS since then
Never bothered to download the Windows iso

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    Try kdenlive, may not be 'powerfull' but with a little bit of elbow grease you'll be laughing at how easy it can get.

    Honestly the only problem with kdenlive is it is CPU bound and doesn't use GPU acceleration at alllllll

    (Also ++ for elementary)
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    @lxmcf Tried Kdenlive, Openshot, even Lightworks
    None gave me as much advanced control and effects as the ones on Windows

    Linux users seriously need a good video editor for professional work
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    I want to list all the misinformation in this post but why even bother 😒
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    Lightworks is literally used by people in the film industry. It's actually more powerful than After Effects, especially later versions.

    Maybe it has a different workflow than what you're used to, but saying it's "not good" is completely incorrect.
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    I've had good experiences with shotcut on windows
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    @RiderExMachina I also read about that, hence tried out lightWorks
    Yes, I do agree that the workflow is quite different and that was not something handy while doing something in an hour or two. Although I do apologise for calling it bad in that context
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