Hey guys, could I ask you to upvote my question on stackoverflow or take a look and help me solve this if you can, I'm stuck with this problem for one week : https://stackoverflow.com/questions...

I would really appreciate it

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    Done and done.
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    @Puddinglord Thank you 😄
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    Good question.
    Clearly worded, clear question, probably formatted, added relevant code / debugging resources.
    Quite a few could learn from that

    I can't help with the question myself, but have an upvote :)
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    @Kimmax Thank you 🙂 I Hope the answer, if there is one, will help others too
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    What is the purpose of the 'upvoting' ?

    I'm used to bits of the internet that haven't yet progressed to such wonders. :-)
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    @Nanos Question upranking and indexing, more people will see the question and I hope one of them will have an answer
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    What is upranking and indexing ?

    Is it like Facebook / some forums where if someone comments to a thread, said thread is put at the top of the list of popular threads ?

    I'm used to forums being static, eg. threads stay where folk posted them, and they don't move around !

    I find it a bit weird the other way.
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    Like @Kimmax already pointed out, great formatting and clearly asked. Voted up since I cannot help with it.
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    @tuc0w Thank you, I really appreciate it
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