Doesn’t everybody use Fibonacci story dev points to estimate stories?

Doesn’t.. everybody..? 😞


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    we use tshirt sizes like S M L XL XXL
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    Just learned about it today and I like it 😅
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    Not for stories though. Dev points and fictional sizes hasn't worked on any team I've worked on. I found success in splitting to tasks and estimate them using Fibonacci for hours
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    I sort of do, though without realizing it. I use the fries/tshirt sizing method, and relate it to increasing unit sizes:
    ♡ Tiny: minutes
    ♡ Small: hours
    ♡ Medium: days
    ♡ Large: weeks
    ♡ Huge: months

    Where a task could take from one of its unit to about 1.5 of the next unit. Ex: a task marked "small" could take from 1 hour to 1.5 days. It's worked pretty well for me.
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    We do at my place!
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