I am currently playing dumb with a potential hire and it's just so much fun I don't know if I should stop.
We gave the dev a little coding challenge to code a small expense tracking app. Nothing fancy, just to see how he well he could do on his own. We told him to take as much time as he requires.
He submitted it and I tried to run it. It worked alright but I could not register or login.
I debugged the issue with him for a while and told him I would look at it later since I am tied up with other tasks..
We are communicating via an IM.

Him: Or how did you run the project. I wish I was there to run it for you. Lol

Me: dotnet run. start without debugging

Him: From the cmd?

At this point I about to get pissed. Where else would I run 'dotnet run' from??

Me: I would hope so

Him: I always run it from the cmd. With administrative privileges

Me: Really?? Where can I find cmd?

Him: Yes. Do you use a Mac?

Me: nope. I am using windows

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