Friend: Hello dude, I have an idea that..
Me: (cuts in) no.
Friend: you didn't even hear me out!
Me: let me guess. You have a super idea you want us to work on. I will be the tech guy and you the business guy and we would get funding and that will make us super rich and make all those girls that looked down on us start chasing after us?
Friend: something of that nature.
Friend: well?
Me: I already said no.
Friend: just no?
Me: Oh I am sorry. No fucking way in hell.

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    No arguments there @Nanos. I just get tired of hearing all these ideas by many people who can't commit to simple things not to talk of taking an idea to a viable stage. They all watch Social Network, hear the success stories (conveniently ignoring the ones not successful) and all of a sudden they have an idea.
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    I have a great idea. Let's build something to extract sunbeams from cucumbers.
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    I call this the Caesar syndrome.

    People will listen to great leaders, who will advertise to take great risks and plunge into the unknown, because this is how they got on top.

    Still, for every such Caesar there is 100.000 guys, who plunged and failed. These are not the interesting stories, so they are not told.

    This does not mean, that you should not take action - there are opportunities in life, just don't blindly take risks, because the most successful people did it. Probability can be a bitch.
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    Hear them out, you are no better than them.
    Stop that asshole attitude.
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    @Maer Yeah, you are right. Just as @Nanos said sometimes we ignore the luck factor (for those who believe in it)
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    @mundo03 Not claiming to be better than them. Notice the conversation is with a friend who by the way is also a dev and better than me at it than I am.
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    @elfico Yeah, absolutely, you can live your work, be one of the best and the brightest, take the risks and still don't make it due to random chance.

    Only this is no excuse to not try, just need to be smart about taking risks.
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    @mundo03 Yes, the average user (talking in general here, not this particular dev friend) that wants someone to make a great idea into reality #forexposure and with payment in royalties after it becomes huge, obviously only 20% royalties at most because the idea is worth so much more!! makes them so much better people.

    I'm not saying that people in general are shit. I'm just saying that most of the people with "billion dollar ideas" are more often than not leeches who want you to do everything yet have themselves get credit for it.
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    Some of these people strangely disappear the moment u show a bit of serious interest in their idea lol. They’ve no keenness in going any further with it.
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    @Condor most will do nothing anyway, all you have to do is listen and state your demands too.
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    @mundo03 Hmm, that could work I guess 🤔 especially if they don't waste too much of my time.. but that'd be determined mostly by how quickly I start discussing the practical issues of their billion dollar idea I guess. Technical talk has proven pretty effective in escalating issues in customer support calls already so it might as well work in billion dollar ideas too 🤔
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    @Condor exactly. ;)
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