IT Head: Hey, can you check out why application X isn't working? I've already restarted it and it isn't working anymore.

Me: sure.

Me 20 mins later: hey, looks like it is all good, website is normal, server resources are normal, etc...

IT Head: no no, the windows sync app isn't working.

Me inside: are you fucking kidding me you piece of stupid shit? Quit IT for good and die.

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    So.. a feature of the application you maintain doesn't work. He tried to fix it and asks you to look at it and you don't look at it because he's using the windows sync feature someone in your team provided.. I'm confused.. maybe you let out an information or is this just ranting about why someone in an it job uses windows?
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    @GamerFac3 he complained like the whole thing isn't working which I can check in 10 minutes.

    What isn't working is a standalone desktop application that connects to the "web app" that looks like has some weird bug that doesn't show up on logs.

    If you work on IT at least give exact directions to problems.
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    @hell Okay that's different to what I understood and I can feel your pain now.
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