So our city’s bus service provider has decided to update the software for their “iPoints”, I think they haven’t thought this rollout through.

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    Wtf? They have a six hour window when they're not running any buses (generally nothing runs from midnight until 6am on most UK bus routes), but no, they don't want to do overtime (or management was unwilling to pay for it!)
    That sucks.
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    Gets better than that, they are doing the update on all (about 50) “iPoints” pay points across Bristol at the same time. It’s for a bus service that is a “buy before you board” which is currently in service.

    Oh how I want something to go wrong.

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    I might post something again soon
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    Hahahahaha 1 hour... Yeah...

    50% change of 1 hour
    50% chance of indefinite time

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    @err-occured I doubt you have to worry about something going wrong. It is almost impossible for everything to go right.
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    @powerfulparadox I’m not worried, I want something to go wrong, it would be funny
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    @err-occured They are certainly defying the implementation gods by neglecting the appropriate groveling, it seems. May their punishment be as entertaining as possible (while hopefully not ruining the day for too many innocent people in the process).
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    Should copy the Dutch and have one card that works all over the country.
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