Got fed up with having to use the mouse/trackpad while editing code or using the terminal, so I decided to (finally) learn proper vim keybindings and tmux.

Boooooy oh boy, this certainly changes things.

I think I'm in love with tmux. Damn that piece of software is so sexy. Disabled the mouse, propped up my dotfiles and installed tmux + my conf on all machines I use. It's so useful, so fast and so pretty...

Spent some time with vimtutor too. Finally getting faster with the keybindings. Installed neovim, got some plug-ins (nerdtree, fzf etc), disabled the mouse and arrow keys, and made it pretty. It's actually pretty nice, but I'm not at the "buff gorilla who took speed and pressed 24 keys in a microsecond" typing level yet. One day though.

Also I'm using the Nord color scheme on everything. Overall pretty satisfied with the end result. Still not as productive as I was with VS Code, but I think I'll eventually surpass my previous productivity levels.

If anyone has any tips for vim/nvim or tmux, feel free to share!

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    @irene but it's cool :P
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    @irene that's your prerogative :)
    I hate writing things by hand because it's slow, and it's the same with editing when I'm not fully integrated with my environment and have to pause and think about what keys to press
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    Yay, another person being swalled by the tmux + nvim wormhole :D I'm currently so deep that I've made a github repo of my configs, because of the time I've spent setting it up. Here it is if you want to have a look:


    And my biggest tip: If you feel there's something missing in neovim; google it. Chances are high that someone has made a plugin of some sort. I've recently started learning kubernetes, and have installed two plugins, which basically erases the need to exit nvim
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    Vim ❤
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    @Avyiel don't mind @irene, he/she is just jealous, you're very cool now, like us.

    I recommend:
    fzf with the_silver_searcher, it rips shit.
    tpm for tmux plugins
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    @irene cue me looking like shit because I am depressed, eat like shit, and barely do any exercise.

    I definitely am on of the cool kids. 😢
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    I guess I'm a lame kid then bcz I still use my mousr. It's difficult to navigate in chrome's window with keyboard only. And I do not mean the contents. Toolbars, extensions, rightclicks, etc.
    Same applies to Libreoffice writer, draw.Io, spapui, intellij [navigating through panes], etc.
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    can't we all just agree to ignore the comments made by @irene? I'd hate to see a huge discussion on somebodys happy post, because of some childish comments...
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    @SoulSkrix I'll probably re-enable it sometime in the future, right now it's more of an incentive to learn the keybindings :)
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    @KasperNS he's fine...
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