Probably a !rant, idk
Some background info, I barely watch / talk about watching movies.

This happened today

Me : Let's watch a movie, it's been a while. ×3

Google *listening to me through the phone.* : Aww, there you go ₹20 play movies reward

Thanks, I guess?

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    @erandria literally happened, no kidding.
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    Some times people say, it’s a coincidence, or it’s based on other things you’ve watched.

    Others say they keep making these offers regularly, but only when you want to do it, you notice it.

    But they’ve had “bugs” where their Google Map cars collected all router details of every place they went passed. It’s highly likely that there is another one of these “bugs” in the Android - at least that’s my opinion. L
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    @rusty-hacker yeah apparently it is a "bug"
    Because it's not the other two things you mentioned. Lol
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