Goddamnit I am an idiot. I just fried a microcontroller because I didnt have the right power supply and I used it anyway because fuck it, right? So now I am not a single step closer to the thing I was trying to do but I fucked up my hardware and it is a huge pain in the ass until I get a new one and figure out all the problems with it. Arghn

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of hardware
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    I fried a voltage booster while testing nixie tubes. Connected the booster to the lab psu with wrong polarity 🤦‍♂️
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    That's where the trick with the two anti-serial Z diodes and the melting fuse would have been handy.
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    @Fast-Nop meh, who needs standard fuses when you can just use a Raspberry Pi as a fuse instead! It doesn't just melt, it burns, with delightful smoke from a cracked SoC providing ample and timely indication of overload!

    Personal experience :/
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    ah the joy of hardware. always order in quantities of 10
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