Today Facebook reveled that they stored millions of people’s passwords in plaintext in a database accessible to thousands of employees... shocking. And what’s more? Today their stock went up. Seriously guys!?!? Hold companies accountable! Make them pay!

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    this is why I have no Facebook account.
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    So what this amounts to is whenever we hear about an security vulnerability buy facebook stock and sell after it gets high
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    @FrodoSwaggins Boeing went down big time. Look at the monthly breakdown of their stock, there’s a clear drop from the 10th to the 11th of March, and it still hasn’t recovered.
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    You know stock doesn’t work like that right? And besides. Quarterly earnings is coming up. Stocks are always ahead of the trend. Bulls sentiment is always higher then...
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    @FrodoSwaggins FB has better ties with government than Apple :3
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    Stock should represent net worth of a company and not public opinion. Especially not your opinion and stock reflecting such things doesn't mean it hurts fb. If the fb stock price falls then they don't lose money (but it can happen that they lose money). In some cases it is even great news for the company to have a lower stock price.
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    Cryptography might be hard, but common sense bloody isn't!

    Passwords should never be readable.
    End of story.
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    > But what about ...
    No, fuck you.

    > But that's not ...
    You're stupid. Collect password on client. Hash. Send to server. Server salts and hashes again, and compares to db. Nobody ever sees the password. (Yes, the hash is then the password; not the point. This helps protect against password reuse exploited via packet sniffers / MITM.)

    > If you're such a genius at password security, how do you make it perfect? You can't! Gotcha!
    First off, go to hell. Secondly, get bent.
    After you're done with all of that: Store all data on the server encrypted with the user's hashed&salted password. Send to client and have it decrypt everything. Server breach? Don't care. MITM? Don't care. Keylogger? User's problem. Lastly: enjoy your stay. Don't come back.
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    @Conrad That makes the two of us!!
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    @FrodoSwaggins their stock might be rising if you look at the big picture, but the market did react to the crash and following bad press in a negative way
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    What the actual f**k? Is this real? Well .. now I need to change my password on a few services I actually like -_-
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    @Hazarth it isn’t known whether data was leaked or abused by employees... but the passwords were in plaintext on a database that 20,000 people had access to :/
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    yaaa but thats not how the stock market works
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    1. be ceo 2. need to prop up stawwwk price and buyback some stawwwk 3. announce or 'leak' VeryBadThing 4. stawwwk prices drop. 5. buyback stawwwwwk. rinse and repeat with more therapy-hamster-murder and data safety snafus.
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