Why dont people trust you?

I was hired to be an SQL developer, I don't actually get to do much development, normally doing something involving copying and pasting in Excel.

Some of our databases were running slow and we noticed some (a few hundred) indexes were in shit state.

I knocked up a couple of scripts, one to reorganise indexes that were up to a certain amount of fragmentation and one to rebuild the indexes

My boss wants them tested (they were several times in dev) we've had these for over 3 weeks, but she doesn't want to run them.

Instead of fixing hundred of indexes she decided I should contrate on fixing some historic data issues that are preventing 10 indexes from being rebuilt.

Now there are serious issues and the CTO is asking why the indexes haven't been fixed.

I could have done this nearly a month ago, but now it's turned into a huge fucki g deal, and no doubt they'll try and push it back on me

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    Do you work for a big company? Normally, when you develop a script/tool that will affect the main product, it will need to be verified to hell and back by your testers, then package the test results into a company approved document before sending it back to you/your boss to be discussed in your daily/weekly/whatever standup meeting. Since that process will cost your company $$$, your manager probably just wants to stick to the stuff that works. lmao
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    @monzrmango or maybe office politics?
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    I suppose you could boil it down to that.
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    I remember a small-ish company I used to work for. All our project had separate git repositories but migrating to a dev or prod server was hell because boss was paranoid. He wanted to do it himself by downloading the project's tarball, extracting it to a folder on the server and then install the dependencies.

    When I told him he could just cd into the project and just run a git pull instead of doing all that work he was afraid changes would break everything. Even in the dev server.

    Running SQL queries directly in prod server though? He was all for it.
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    I doubt that there's office politics, as my boss is the one who has to answer to our clients (all parts of the same parent company) when things don't work.

    She just wants to play things safe, although the worst my scripts can do is fix our indexing issues and improve the performance of the system
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