Intervju for new job in 30 min ..

Nervous? Me? Nooo not at all 😂

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    Go tiger get it.
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    Good luck
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    That feeling is the worst. Just remember: you know your stuff & you got this!
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    @linux-colonel still I wonder, am I good enough? :/
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    I know how you feel. I always think that before an interview. I've found that distracting myself and relaxing beforehand is the best idea. Once you're in there, you'll realise you're more than good enough
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    Had the same feeling once.
    What i did was go out with my spouse, eat something together, talk and have fun. It helped me a lot.
    I went in, fully comfortable with no sign of nervousness and actually miserably failed both tests in the interview although I knew every single answer (basic math and some html/js/photoshop).
    I had a good laugh with the inteviewer about this and left :)
    Bottom-line is: you can still fail even if you're not nervous. So whats the point in being nervous?
    Anyway tell us what happened when you're done!
    Good luck mi amigo :)
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    Everything went fine and I survived :)
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    I would be shitting myself if u were in your place. Good to hear it went nice and smooth
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