Currently learning Kubernetes Cluster. Wow so much to learn.

Much easier to setup any app for a Cluster. Only building the Image takes time 🙄

Containers are the future ✌🏻

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    Containers are the present, something else will probably be the future :)
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    @ItsNotMyFault yeah and then again, containers are so incredibly powerful. While containers won't exist as they do now, containerization will most definitely be a big part of the future
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    remember: "kubadm reset", and never set the api publish ip to a non static ip.
    Have fun!
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    Just finished putting Bitbucket, Jira and bamboo in containers on my VPS. Tomorrow I'm adding sonarqube.

    Shits, raaasd AF!
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    Try GKE for a less pleasing experience :)
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    If you want to try something new non-production ready yet check k3s(https://k3s.io/), it's a Lightweight Kubernetes.

    I had some fun with it.
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