My new team more or less forced me to change from a Windows machine to a Mac (Mac book pro, I think?) due to "compatibility issues", so I thought I might as well see what all the Mac fuzz is about. Here is a list of my observations so far:
- If you try powering on the mac book with more than one DisplayPort cable plugged in, the screen will go black until you plug all DP cables out

- If you unplug your DisplayPort cables to go to a meeting you can expect one of the monitors getting frozen on the blurry login screen (without any login prompt) when you get back (while the main monitor shows your desktop without the taskbar)

- If you get out of range from your wireless peripherals (keyboard in this case) while going to a meeting your keyboard layouts are most likely deleted and reset to U.S qwerty when you get back to your desk

- When pressing quit on any application you can't expect in to close and clear up memory, it will remain in the background until you force kill it.

- There is a 50/50 chance that your Mac book never wakes up from sleep

Best thing is that I found out today that the software we use is completely compatible with any RedHat/Solaris distro.

Rant over.

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    Half those issues never occur if you do it right
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    Apps are fine
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    @brownbear9547 What I'm struggling with though is what "right" would be in these cases? I would expect a 2000 euro laptop to natively have working multi-monitor support at least.
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    DisplayPort? No hdmi? HDMI works just fine. If you quit the app, it quits it doesn't run on the background. I have a Magic Mouse and a keyboard they both work like a charm, if I take my laptop out of range and go back everything is the same. And of course it wakes up. Maybe you should try and learn how to operate it..
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    Funny to see how defensive people get when someone rants about Mac, as if it's completely flawless
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    @girlybrackets No defence here, just can't stand people saying that something( being macOS, windows, whatever) does not work just because they don't know how to use it.
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    @koukou I'm not saying it does not work, I'm simply stating my observations of my first Mac UX
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    @typodeaf the things you describe shouldn't happen, have you attempted a pram and smc reset?
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    @koukou then perhaps sharing how to use it in the examples he stated would be nice rather than telling him to learn how to use it, assuming he's not tried already
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    @koukou (wrote my comment before I saw your last btw)
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    I ever had any issues with my last job's macbook air, now I am back to ubuntu
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    Another cool feature I discovered today is that the primary screen is no longer your primary screen if you focus your secondary screen for too long, except for the fact that the display settings still show that the correct screen is primary (only the Dock actually switches screen). I'll keep you posted fam, I feel like I'm only scratching the surface here #excited
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