I don't understand why people tend to shit on certain languages.
I`ve seen my fair share of shit software written in a plethora of languages, and the problem was usually that the devs used the language/framework completely wrong.
Languages and frameworks are designed to solve problems, if you don`t use them in the correct way then you are to blame.

It is like sticking your dick in the exhaust pipe of a Volvo, and then writing a Medium post complaining about your charred dick and how all Volvo's suck. Yeah I'm talking about you PHP haters, all of you that shit on Java on a daily basis and you morons saying "python is slow"

Don't get me wrong, I send PHP shitposts/memes all day to my friends working with it. But if my code doesn't work, it is my fault and I own up to it.

With that said, I will blow my brains out before writing a single line more of PHP

Rant over

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    @norman70688 Because it's more "trendy" to critisize popular languages instead of old ones surcharge as Pascal for example.
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    I believe bad languages repel good programmers. So, mostly bad programmers are left using them and we end up with shitty software for a shitty platform. PHP is to blame too, equally as some people using it.
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    These is the kind of devrant user that I like: the logical one.
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    Lol, I like the way you think
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    @gronostaj I'd counter with, not all good programers work for good companies. In my professional life I rarely get a say in what language I used. Thus I've worked in C#, js, php, python. Not because I like or dislike any of them but because the company chose to use .Net (or whatever) 10 years ago and are not open to switching.
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    It is programmer's duty to make it work, but the reason I have is because of how loosely type php is.

    Like, I was working on some script trying to scrap contents from a website.

    The code was breaking, no var_dump neither var_export came to rescue, forget the thought of using a debugger.

    I did the same code (similar logic) in python and it worked, problem was the unicode characters.

    You might say I used request module and curl in php, but the most basic function "print" for both languages handles the error differently.

    Same goes for java, if I had to write something very basic(no frameworks, neither complex modules) in java then another in php, python or any other language we both know which is going to execute first.
    The garbage collector is shitty.

    Sometimes, the basic fundamentals blocks on which the language is built are flawed and frameworks/libraries are there to fix them.
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    We write shit code because we don't spend much time to properly formulate the logic.
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    Volvo sucks. Go get yourself a nice German car.
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    Fuck JS and node tho.
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    We also have to remember that this is DevRant---not an IEEE journal. You can hate a language just because you've been working on some shitty project with it.

    Danger is taking it too seriously. Just because some rando on the web hates language X, doesn't mean it's a poor language---obviously. Under what criteria and backed up by what evidence? (Clearly things DevRant should not be concerned with.)

    Language is pretty secondary to good design in terms of codebases I enjoy working on.
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    I shit on a programming language because people around keep telling me how good the language is, yet the shitty project I'm losing hair for was implemented in that language...
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