Test studying tool. Load your questions and answers in a human-readable format. Take a test. Get summary of results. My pet project at the university, 98% of code is mine. http://gronostajo.github.io/drill2/

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    Yea and what's the human-readable format in this case?
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    @gytisla Click the question mark next to "Load questions" header for an example. There's also an example with more advanced features included in the manual, link's in the footer.
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    @gronostaj would put that question mark somewhere else. Or just put the whole example somewhere below the textarea, maybe, as you have a lot of space there.

    Was seriously looking for some information how the "human-readable" format should look like and didn't even see that question mark!

    In dark mode it's a little better already.

    Good job btw, keep on and enjoy.
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