PSA: Please don't dump 10GB of your personal photos on your company's shared drives. Especially dont have the photos include such things as nudes and pictures of your social security card.

-- kthx

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    That is one awkward mistake :S Hope not done on purpose
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    @gitpush They intentionally dumped their files there.
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    @BobbyTables what...the...f....
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    @gitpush Looks like they backed up their iPhone or did some kind of dump. Maybe they just didn't realize what all was on there...but still.
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    @rutee07 That's going to be a definite 'no'.
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    What's wrong with dumping my nudes on company server? I'm sure nobody will enter the folder as soon as they see the thumbnails. I can use the nudes to protect sensitive information
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    @rutee07 That's not what I meant. I'd dump nudes of myself into folders I'd need to protect
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