Me: I just can’t keep working these hours. I’m on calls and emails 8pm and 9pm 4 times a week.

Boss: ok, but come on, Office X does be on for the same calls but it’s midnight their time.

Me: ... How does that make anything better?

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    Your boss is telling you to find a better job, one where people work reasonable hours. GLHF.
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    @HollowKitty ha, see previous rant, linkedin status changed already
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    A yes the good old "the children in Africa" fallacy
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    Fucking retarded mentality: those dudes get screwed, we don't have it that bad.

    I don't need other people's "suffering" validation to want better shit for myself and o one should.

    Else I wouldn't touch food or basic American liberties since a fuckload of people in other parts of the world don't have shit.

    I hope your boss gets ran over by a semi with dildos for wheels
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