How long are you at your job and how long do you intend to stay?

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    1.5 years, no idea how much longer I'll be staying.
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    Almost year and a half. Pay could be better, but that's maybe the only thing I'm not completely happy with, and unless something significantly better comes up, I'm staying.
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    4 years, (1 as intern, 1 parttime, 2 fulltime)

    I will stay until I dont like it anymore
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    25 years in the same company and 19 years the same job.

    🙄 Am I old?
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    @JackToolsNet 45 isnt old, only ~20 years to go for pension
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    I plan on staying 2 years at my next job.

    By that time my investments will likely be more than sufficient to cover our bills and further investments.
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    2 months, the moment something better comes along I'm gone
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    @JackToolsNet impressive, did you keep up to date, went to trainings and collected certificates?
    I ask because i'v met many 50+ year olds who worked 20+ years at the same place and got ousted. They cried bitter tears because can't find a new job as they had it too comfy and did nothing to keep sharp. Which I find really sad.
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    26 and 1/2 year on the same company, last 18 as a full time dev, some dev before that.

    Don’t know how long I’ll stay, as long as I find it stimulating and challenging , thats the reason I have stayed, we are always evolving and moving along with new tech, currently switching to .net core and react from mvc on framework + jquery.
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    Little more than 1,5 years and as soon as I find something new.
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    2.5 years
    Next month
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    @heyheni yes this is the hard part trying to learn the new stuff all the time. But I did my best to stay up do date.

    @Codex404 close I started with 16.
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    2 years, 3 months as system developer. Will leave as soon as I can, we have some real jerks in the team.
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    I just quit my full-time remote job of 6 years to become a freelancer.
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    7 years.

    Expect to stay another 4 years before I have saved up enough so I can afford to risk self employment again..
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    In case anyone is curious about why do I want to try self-employment again..

    Well, if I don't, I have to keep a job for the next 20 years before I reach the age of retirement.

    If I'm self employed, I might make enough money in one year, so I could retire the next year !

    Would you take that gamble..

    Note: previous attempts at such gamble did not pay off, and one resulted in me being in debt for 15+ years and practically penniless paying it off.

    Lesson there, don't take loans !
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