A bit of an off-topic, but people need to shut up about copyright.

I see people making cool fun stuff all the time, and they start talking about a liscence to use it and copyrights and stuff. Wtf!? I get it if you're making a big commercial project, but no one's gonna steal your cookie clicker clone nor your minecraft mod.

I get it that people want their work to be protected, but ffs it reay annoys me when people bring up legal stuff when mentioning a project that was clearly just made for fun.

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    Without proper licence, nobody else can use it without running risk of getting sued later. Projects without licence are a no-go for anyone else. That's also why Github urges projects to choose a licence.
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    @Fast-Nop If I'm downloading a random recipe generator that someone made on reddit, why would I worry about getting sued?
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    @BitFlipped you can download what you want, but if you actually make something with it and distribute it, as it is typical in open source, then you better have a licence for external stuff and understand its specific implications.

    Open source without open source licence is read-only stuff.
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    Licenses are not for protecting the author's rights. They are for making them weaker.
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    @rEaL-jAsE Because without a license, it shall not be used at all.
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    All you may do when no license is given is read the code. You may not modify it, build upon it or reuse it otherwise. You may not even compile it.
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    Also you *would* think that code will not be stolen but... It will. I had this experience of a coworker copying the code including the license forbidding him from using it.
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    @rEaL-jAsE well it may depend on local legislation, but basically you can't get any additional copyrights by writing a license.
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