So, you are in middle of something urgent and top priority? In the meeting just displaying the business plan for 1000 people? Fixing a bug that needs the release in 30min or otherwise small babies will start to burn?

Update. Why not? It's like driving down the motorway, someone stops you and tells you that they're going to remove your steering wheel now. For no reason.

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    This looks like some corporate bullshit updater.
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    @filthyranter it's Microsoft's Software Center. So pretty much what you described.

    I believe there are ways you can prevent the reboot because it's quite buggy.
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    I get this at my place, it's really annoying especially if your using your pc to display something for others and can't hide it 😠
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    As I recall, you can kill the process.
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    kill the process, the service or BATCH it up with a "shutdown /a" loop.
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    @bahua if he's at a place like my place it depends whether you have the permissions to kill it. As a developer I do have that level of access but most people don't...
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    It gives you like 12+ hours to restart, should have done it earlier
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    @Parzi what I found to work was just have a loop killing the software center and doing that
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    @Ubbe , even if wasn't Windows, I would probably still not be doing anything useful...

    But seriously...I am in the middle of figuring out some algorithm problem. I have all editors, plots etc. nicely setup on the screen. And then this shit happens...Had to wait for 10mins for the laptop to bootup and meanwhile I forgot everything I was doing.
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