Got a Radeon RX 570 to complete my light gaming and rendering setup. This is easily the most powerful GPU I have ever owned, super hyped to try out all my games on this now. Works great after it crashed under Linux a few times for god knows what reasons but hey, not disappointed at all so far.

All AMD setup here (Ryzen + Radeon), feels good to be back on AMD after a long Intel/Nvidia stint.

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    Hell yea man, I have an RX 580 and it to rocks. Im about to get another one. I need to upgrade my FX-8350 but it heats my room so whatever. Go Red team!
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    @hyperlisk damn I recently dumped that fx 8350 for a Ryzen. I miss those 5.1 GHz and 60°C idle Temps xD
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    @hyperlisk @fuckwit lol, that's one reason for the intel/Nvidia stint
    I live in Delhi, it gets pretty hot here already without the FX's help xD
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    @fuckwit I mean i don't have a lot of body mass so it really helps in the winter here in canada
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    @fuckwit I'm still rocking an 8150 😅

    Oh wait, I sidegraded to some comparable intel BS. Nevermind.
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    @Root I still have an old AMD A6 based PC lying around, not really used any more but maybe I could revive it as a server or something.
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    Enjoy the hardware man! Just upgraded my 2012 i5/mobo/ram to a ryzen 6 2600x to go with my rx480 😈 VR time
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    @hyperlisk i recently upgraded my ol' 8150 with a shiny Ryzen 2700X..that was quite the upgrade...video encoding feels a lot better with that..downside was that i basically had to buy an entire new pc minus the gpu
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    @BurnoutDV yea that's what I'm scared of, I'm fricken poor. I want the 2700x but honestly I want a threadripper more.
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    I have a pentium g4560 with dual rx580. No, its not for gaming.
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