As always with group projects, one or two people barely do anything and end up getting a passing grade because 1-3 r group members do all the heavy lifting.

Why do they always get away with this? From the two persons that profit from other peoples work in my current project, at least one is trying to make up for it now.

You would hope at least some of the useless group members would have washed out by the end of second year because of tests, but no.

Gonna be fun when everyone has to point out a part of the code made by them, not simply going to let them take credit for my work at least.

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    I'd just tell the teacher in private. You don't want to make enemies with people you'll have to see every day for at least 2 more years.
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    I have been there. (5 years of IT school)
    Let me help you out. Don't choose the offensive route (you will regret this for the following years), but make it ice clear that they are 100% responsible for their part of the project.

    If they say "yeah yeah" to that, give them one or two weeks, if they keep slacking, tell the teacher in private that teammate X is not doing shit, but you'd like not to make that public.

    Then, when it's time to present and defend your code just watch your teammates melt.

    The teacher is gonna drill them down, and you don't have to take the blame. And if your code is good, you'll get graded adequately. And they'll get fucked.

    😉 Happy Coding
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    @beggarboy discussed it with them a few days ago. Deadline is in 48 hours, one of them might do enough to pass but it probably won't be pretty.

    Good thing that there are not that many projects with students from this year left (minor, internships etc.) so not too worried about burning bridges with people that don't pull their weight.

    Will try and keep it as civil as possible, stay constructive and decent. If someone claims to have made something they didn't, I will simply call them out though
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