Hello No!!!

Thats good enough to know that personal data is collected.

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    at least they comply to GDPR
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    It’s not free: you pay with privacy
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    Is there the option to pay regularly (with money) or do they only have the "pay with data" option?

    If there is a choice it is probably legal, otherwise not.
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    @filthyranter only if the software also works after the opt-out. Mandatory opt-in is not allowed.
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    @Fast-Nop Except if the data it requires you to opt-in for is mandatory for the service to function for you at all...
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    @filthyranter sure, e.g. a shop that delivers physical goods needs to know where to ship the stuff.

    But data collected from an SDK tool are for spying on users and are not in any way essential.
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    Well. I uninstalled before even accepting it.
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    @filthyranter If the personal data is required to fulfill a contract (e.g. shipping address for shipping bought goods), an opt in is not required, as the permission is already granted l implicitly. Of course this permission only lasts for the minimal required usage - collecting data via an SDK does not seem so.
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