Assembly language broke my brain today

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    You gotta be a special case of stupid if you cant use a stackmachine with 10 commands
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    At school we learn it today in 8 hours and build a snake game...@ganjaman but yes i m probably dumb 😵.
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    I‘m in the best way to reach this level of development. I started with web, then got to desktop. Now I‘m preparing for C for embedded systems. So ASM is not so far anymore.
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    x64 asm is bloody insane.
    x86 is better.
    z80 is easy!
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    @Sumafu embedded c might be the hardest, debugging on live hardware is a pain
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    I started with a 6502 emulator and I slowly started seeing light at the end of the tunnel
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    But asm always makes sense? It does what it says it does. Nothing more
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    Sorry if i hurt you im just a noob in this language for me it was very hard to understand something 🤕
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    Thank you for the advice I will try maybe some more easy challenge
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    X64 has its mindfucks indeed 😃
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    @Guillaumez btw this guy has an awesome getting started video, i started learning from this, he made it pretty easy for me. https://youtu.be/rxsBghsrvpI
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    @preyka Thank you i m gonna check it
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    Nah, you use the famous
    But insted of printf you use output with a led connected to it.
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