Not easy to spot

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    I wish the diff viewers highlight the diff at character-level (like by doing a bold of the diff)
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    @asgs git diff --color-words=.
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    That's what you get when you use a text editor and not an IDE. :P
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    @ColdFore by "that" you mean total freedom to learn and customize actual commands? strongly agree!
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    That's why I always prefer a compiled language.
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    Happens way too often to me too, I once spent 2 days on an error because I wrote success as succes :/
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    Who would win?

    A developer with more than 7 years of experience


    One tiny boi
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    Linters gonna lint, lint, lint...
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    That's some of the things I miss after moving from WebStorm to VSCode - regardless of whether it's a valid symbol or whatever, it would highlight typos in camel case words (and while "mount" by itself most probably would pass, "un" would cause an error).
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    What's up with the broken underline?
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    @7400 Now it bothers me as well, thanks :/
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    Wouldn’t have happened if they had used typescript
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    Should have used typescript or at least jshint
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    That's what happens when you use vim
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    These 2 hours pay for the license of Storm.
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    I'm her for you brother... Try setting up prettier with react it will save you so much time.
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    🤣🤣 fuck react.
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    I got one word for you man, ESLint!
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    @Kudos ESLint. Prettier just fixed it for you so you never learn. ESLint shows it to you so you know not to make that mistake again
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    @asgs Beyond Compare.... Best money I've spent in long while; bought the mac/linux/windows license. Has paid for itself 20x over.
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    This is why I despise dynamic languages
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