I've been lurking for a while but I had it up to here with these goddamned "js sucks" posts.

I'm not gonna deny js has severe design problems,
or that chromium is a motherfucking vampire
or that it's a goddamn pain in the ass to understand how to babel webpack + plugins correctly

that is all true.

the problem is that it's just a lazy damn circlejerk at this point where no learning is gained, with no outlook on any possible solution of these problems, let alone ANY type of actual collaboration to help the situation.

sometimes people don't even care to specify what is specifically wrong with js. It's just "js sucks" and that's it, farm ++.

slack is a ram hog, yes, yes, we know... WE KNOW.
every 5 days someone has to remind that!

is there any solution? why is it a ram hog? is electron the problem, or is the slack source code doing weird shit?
are there any lightweight alternatives to electron?

That's actual good conversation, but no, apparently it's impossible to drop the snarky tone for 2 seconds.

I think it's fine to point out defficiencies in applications, but it's not ok to shitpost on and on.

I would very ok with someone shitcomplaining about js is if they were doing something about it.

I'm still ok with people letting of some steam, I'm fine with people expressing frustration from direct work experience with js. I'm not ok with people and their ignorance and snarky comments and non helpfulness while comfortably laughing from their own camp of totally unrelated technologies.

Hearing sysadmins or people that code exclusively in c shit on js makes me feel my insides twirl.

Imagine I didn't do shit for linux, but I went around forums pointing out the defficiencies, like the lack of standards, and saying that mac is way better.

Or I if yapped on and on about openvpn and having an obscure as fuck api, meanwhile not doing a single fucking thing about it, or not even using it in a day to day basis.

do you hate slack's ram usage? me too and js isn't going anywhere in the next 5 years, so either do something or provide smart conversation, diagnosis of the problem or possible alternstives/solutions, otherwise stfu

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    Happy first rant, my dude.

    "JS sucks" has meme status at this point, just like PHP. Don't even worry about it
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    Guess it's time to write a text mode version of slack in c
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    Well that's what you get if you use a language for purposes it has not been designed for and it turns out that software gets shitty because of that. Then people will shit on your language.
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    You know what? JS sucks.
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    fun facts for slack

    osx version is not electron.
    most components are written in C++.
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    @vishal-vp DID YOU JUST READ WHAT I...
    jk, funny comment
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    @Wenish wow, that is disappointing, what on earth is going on inside that app?
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    js suckss
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    js sucks and I can‘t (and don‘t want to) change anything about it.
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    It could've been designed better(or so I read) but the language has its purpose at this point. No language is perfect anyway just like no peice of software is I feel no human construct is perfect. Not that I'm a theist or anything..
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    Js sucks
    Python sucks
    Ruby is dead
    Java is slow
    C is old
    Php is awful
    Lisp is (((((((((((((((((((
    HTML isn't a real language
    CSS is

    That's what this platform is. We all just complain about languages. And meme them for days. And yeah it's totally annoying. But it will never end!
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    @Wenish but mac sucks

    ps: I've been using mac for years
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