What a sad and frustrating day!
I got a call from recruiter. I told him that I'm not actively looking for change. But he requested for 2 mins to listen. He started telling about his company, how great it is, tech stack, perks, salary etc. He is telling everything but not company name, I waited patiently and asked what's the pay I can expect. The number blew my mind, it's nearly double to my current pay. Then...

Me: that sounds amazing, which company is this, and where is it?
Him: it is <my company name> and located at <my current location, same campus>
Me: .....
Him: so, what do you think?
Me: .... I need some time. Let me update my LinkedIn profile first and then, i will get back to you.
Him: sounds wonderful, will call back by Monday. <Call disconnected>
Me: <inside my head> @$_-$#(/+&_#

This in my 10th year in this company, some one kill me please.

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    Wait what, does that mean you can get double the pay or what's gonna happen now?
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    Just apply for the position. They offered you the position after all and the pay. They never asked where you work.
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    @Pickman they didn't offer me, recruiter want to see my resume and cover letter, he is waiting for that.
    That poor guy won't even call me back for sure after seeing my resume, and then I will go to meet him at his desk, two floors below my floor.😂
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    Then send your resume. Let's find out if they're interested in internal candidates. Or if the guy will even read it.
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    At least they told you. Here they won't tell you the company name out of fear that you'll go around then and apply directly. I would have that talk with management, though, about the pay.
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