Read some books
Get a computer
Write some codes
Use Linux
Hate Microsoft
Argue Vim vs Emacs
Debate 4 spaces vs tabs
Use dark themes
Follow buzzwords..
Now repeat after me, "I am a programmer...."

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    write some code*
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    s/buzzwords/best practices/
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    @filthyranter can't, too busy doing the above mentioned 😅
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    Cry over complex recursive algorithms....

    Getting migraine from debunking 50+ join SQL with nonsense table aliases and aggregation / group functions...

    Realising that the permission / ACL implementation is fucked up and you will suffer the next weeks reimplementing it in a safe manner...

    After hours of searching, no asset management / build pipeline was found. The MBs of clusterfuck CSS with vendor prefixes is handwritten, and you will have to untangle this shit all by yourself - feeling numb.

    You wonder why you cannot recognize the JS - after a few rounds of investigation, a feeling of hatred and the urge for menace as you realize someone started his own JS framework that has no resemblance to Javascript at all.


    These are moments where you realize that people who think they're developers are the worst.

    Especially those who don't give a fuck about cleaning up after themselves...

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