This is a rundown of my day.

Today I had the immense pleasure to continue implementing an web table with server side paging, filters and sorts, and to persist all those values in the url query strings.
Thank fucking god for vue.

And just before sleep, I inflated like 40 balloons for a bday tomorrow and I didn't have an inflator, so let me say this.

FUCK BALLOONS. The brand of these motherfuckers was horrible.
I hate it that they all come with this fucking dust in the bag.

Bitch, I'm putting this shit in my mouth.

Isn't it curious how bitch is like a very powerful insult in the sense that it's very funny but also very validating.
Like you could say that in the middle of argument against a woman and actually win it.

But sadly women don't have an insult against men of which make use, so it's very unfair in my opinion.

In fact there are so many female targeted insults that you kinda feel untouchable as a guy.

Except if a woman insults the size of your dick. That is a fucking tomahawk missile.

Anyhow, not making any type of gender inequality analysis or whatever, I just thought it was a peculiar observation.

Even bigger anyhow , I'm not good at inflating balloons, I'm a web dev, what did you expect? That I could have basic ordinary skills in life.

Helloooo, I said I am a WEB... DEVELOPER.
It's a fucking miracle I am able to complete basic day to day tasks necessary to live.

All I know doing is adding 5 unaudited packages everyday to my current project.

(Just kidding, i'm relatively ok as a coder, but if you actually thought it was true just because of being a web dev, then go eat a dick, and if you didn't like this dyslexia fueled rant, go eat another dick)

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