Million dollar app/service idea.

Automatically reply to all LinkedIn inmail’s with “I don’t have any experience with that on my profile”.

Even without any NLP I estimate over a 90% success rate.

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    What's the business model though? Subscription?
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    @devfrey you are correct I need to shore things up. Ok how about a 2 pronged approach? Heres what i'm thinking:

    1. Developers will pay a small subscription fee once per month for the auto response feature.
    2. We will charge recruiters a huge one time fee to put them on a whitelist to bypass the tool and allow them to contact developers directly.

    In reality option 2 will in fact put them on the "asshole list" and they will be blocked from contacting any developer using option 1. Thus saving the world and giving me the financial freedom to sit at home all day laughing at them.

    ... thoughts?
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    @practiseSafeHex Option two sounds like a nasty plan. But I like it.
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    Only a one time fee?
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    uh.. but the most of the cases.. developers (or job hunters in general) are the people bombarding recruiters by inmails and applications..
    Because job seekers are more than job offers on general.. maybe there are few countries that make n exception.. but still..
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    LinkedIn won’t provide such API for that kind of activity
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    @lazyDev ha, eh no ... not in Europe or USA at least. I get 40-50 mails from recruiters for every 1 I send. I don’t recall working with anyone who didn’t express something similar
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    @devTea ... I’m aware. Just for the record I wasn’t actually going to follow through on my plans to blatantly steal money from recruiters and laugh at them. Which I discussed and admitted too, publicly.

    ... you must have a really low opinion of me hahaha
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    @practiseSafeHex ofc not, I’m just saying it 😄
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    @practiseSafeHex the first model won't work, bcz developers are not that interested in replying. They can simply ignore recruiters...

    The second model would work, as recruiters are the interested parties to get through your filter. But you are at a too weak spot to implement your filter. You'd either have to be a linkedin's employee or come up w/ an idea that'd make developers interested in applying your filter.

    Soooo.. That's a no-go :)
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    You bought me 😁
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    I once read about a programmer who autoresponded with a link to a form where the recruiter had to fill out the required information. if I got a response on one of those I would at least read the info
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