I'm starting to have some doubts about carrying around a phone in my pocket all day. What if my tender swedish meatballs get cooked by the radiation? Not good.

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    @rutee07 I wish.
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    Well I guess you could at least get some medical marijuana then
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    @justasithlord I already do. I need to smoke to alleviate the stress of getting caught for smoking weed...
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    @ihatecomputers haha it's all legal until you're caught
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    those are my balls when I write documentation..

    and they get bigger if the specs keep changing
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    @ihatecomputers an alcoholic on a bike gets 10 bottles from a liquor store and wonders how he's going to get home without them falling from the bike

    so he's like "i know I'll drink them all so they don't break. And thank god I did because on my way back i fell like 20 times"
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    Assuming the question is serious, I'd say you are highly likely to be fine. The RF power coming out of your phone is quite weak and if I'm not mistaken, the operating frequency causes most of the energy to get absorbed in the top layer of your skin and turned into heat. I wish I had numbers to attach to this, but I don't. I wouldn't worry about getting cooked haha.
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    Cellphones emit non-ionising radiation. I.e, the wavelength of the radio waves is too large to knock electrons from compounds (ionising them which would allow the newly created ion to undergo a chemical reaction it normally wouldn't). The amount of energy in the radio waves is also far too little to "cook" your skin or the flesh beneath it. You are quite safe and you could even strap the phone to your head if you want to look cool.
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    @Jacquobite Same thing with microwaves oven, they are not dangerous if you keep the polka dotted pattern on the door.

    Even if you didn’t, the only fear is cooking you, like an oven cooks you.
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    I'll upvote anything referencing South Park...
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    The alcoholic.
    This is gold!
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    I think you imagining things. Where would you keep your phone then? Between ass cheeks?
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    @idchlife Well... That's not a bad idea.
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