There’s a special place in hell for fuckwits who create tickets and don’t include the fucking error message.

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    I have one particular stupid f*ck of a client who keep posting me support emails like these:

    "Hey, my customer says that the system doesn't work. Do you have any ideas?"

    and EVERY TIME I have to get back to him with THE SAME F*CKING question:

    "What is it that is 'not working'? Could you please describe the problem?"

    To which he replies:

    "Well, they say that there some problem with the reports"

    And I reply with:

    "What report is this? What problem is it??'

    And then we ping-pong back and forth for like 5-10 times with me getting a little bit more information for every iteration...

    F*CK that stupid f*cketi-f*ck!!!
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    @JohanO fuck man I know that feeling. Come in at 9am and by the time I’ve got enough information to actually action the ticket it’s time for lunch.
    Like just provide some fucking context. It’s not that hard.
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    Everywhere I worked such tickets were to be found. Some people just don't understand that providing relevant contextual information actually greatly speed up the resolution of their problem.
    Meh, I don't mind some ping pong once in a while.
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    We have a system that takes screenshots of their screen and sends that with the ticket. Even then, some people minimize the page with the error before taking the screenshot, so we get a message, with their desktop background.
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    That hell is called my basement, where I torture them for days.
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    @Root oh can I fwd RL (his initials) to you next time? :-)
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    @JohanO 🗡🙂⛓
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