I'm starting to think that "Machine Learning" is the most unfortunate term that the industry has ever seen.

How people approach a problem here where I work: "I have a problem, I don't know how to solve it, I don't have any data. Let's implement a Machine Learning algorithm that will solve the problem for me."

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    It would have been the same had it been given another name. People like their hammers and finding some way they can solve their problems with them will always be popular.
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    Unfortunately having tons of data and knowing exactly what the problem is are crucial to ML lol
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    Machine Learning has joined the buzz words people use when they want to make there work sound cool
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    It's an "in thing" at the moment, so unfortunately it's going to be thrown at every other problem going even where it doesn't make sense. Could be called "brain bamboozling" and it'd still be the same outcome.
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