Saw a classmate returning an plain text password from a function to try to push it in a JSON file for an API we have to build for class.

I try to correct him and show him a few things that are better practices and for security, I get yelled at and called a know-it-all for trying to help... I'm so done with people -.-

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    Not sure what level of education, but this happens at all levels. Even postgraduate level you will see shit that makes your eyes bleed.
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    This is at university... I know but damn a little logic goes a long way.
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    Its the first thing I learnt. Had some people I know that even hired freelancers that stored passwords flatfile. Had to clean that mess up after them but impressive how dumb people can be.
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    Woah..i'm glad that my classmates are ok. We used to argue a lot, but then decided that since we're all suffering while coding, then lets just stop arguing and help each other pass haha
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