Any tips to stop getting pissed at your designer's design?

I was given a frontend task after so long (I'm a backend developer who has frontend experience) and the design is very good except architecture wise it's very difficult to build. It's not impossible, but it's very tricky to implement.

Our client has already approved the design, so I guess there's nothing I can do about it
But I am getting constantly annoyed when implementing the design. Whenever I look at the design, I feel like swearing all the time. I feel the designer is very inconsiderate. The design looks very good at big desktop screen, but some part looks dumb in responsive or tablet.

Does anyone ever feel the same? And maybe have tips for me to get by?

My managers have started telling me to stop saying "it's difficult" or "it's too hard". But it is difficult! And I am getting more annoyed when they tell me that.

Whenever I tell the designer that certain part is not gonna work (because we try to make things general so we can reuse), he will argue and somehow ended up saying "come on, just think how prideful you will be after implementing this".

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    Unfortunately, if it's not impossible (e.g.: style system alert popup or style native selects in mobile devices (it's impossible, they are defined by OS itself, not the page), I have one simple phrase:

    It's your job.

    If you picked up difficult framework/solution to implement, it's your problem.

    If you are given task and it's possible to implement it: it's your job.

    Hell, if for task implementation you need to write plain JS or use jQuery within Angular/React - it's ok as long as it does the job done.

    Anyway, in the future you can talk with designer and tell him/her what is really possible/not possible in the web world, if there is such problem with him/her not knowing basic webpage rules.

    Also, in the future you may want to refuse to do such tasks, if it's within your jurisdiction to decline them.
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    it's amazing the money spent on design that it's very hard/expensive to implement.
    People spend a lot A LOT on graphic design done completely without taking into account the underlying technology, and after they pretend a poor programmer will implement it in no time, tested, responsive, usable and good looking for any kind of data and working.

    And be sure that if will not come out right or in time, it will be your fault.

    Graphic designer MUST speak with developers.

    Like architects must speak with engineers if they don't want things falling, and also with bricklayers.

    But yeah, developers? last in the food chain
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    Did the designer also design mobile? If not, its up to your imagination otherwise just do it
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